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The Story of Sherlocks Journey

Sherlocks Journey Rescue is a 501 C3 non profit organization dedicated to saving all animals.  We work with the local shelters to network their animals and find good homes.  We feed and help the many homeless animals that are on the streets of Houston and surrounding areas.  Our goal is to find suitable fosters or fur ever homes so we can pull them off the streets to safety.  We help individuals that run into unfortunate times in their life where they realize is in the best interest of the animal to re home.

Sherlocks Journey is passionate about the journey we take everyday and help to educate the importance of caring for your pet.  We are committed to helping the Many street feeders and other rescue groups by assisting in transport and bringing dog food to them to help support their efforts as well.  

Sherlocks Journey was inspired by a group of people that came together to help network animals at a local shelter.  These individuals shared the same passion and during this time a special dog made all of our lives a little more complete.  SHERLOCK  Sherlock spent his first year of his life outside on a chain until he was surrendered to a local animal shelter that unfortunately due to space is a kill shelter.  However they realized the amazing qualities this dog had and he would make a wonderful home.  He lived in that shelter for 2 months and when he became code red we knew where he belonged...with us.  Because of Sherlock we have been able to bring more animals into our rescue and have saved so many.  He has changed so many lives with his charisma.  

Sherlocks Journey has been almost 100% supported out of our own pockets.  We realize we can't continue to do this if we want to continue the Journey.  We depend on fosters and donations to care for the animals including vaccinating, boarding and spaying/ neutering.  We have literally rescued in some form by transporting, pulling, vetting, networking and many other ways.  The number is close to 100 within the last year.  I could sit down and count as to how many there has been but we don't have that time to waste we need to be saving.  I am sure you can do the math as to the out of pocket expenses we have intaled with the rescue efforts.  This journey must continue.  Please consider fostering, donating and supporting to Sherlocks Journey Rescue.  

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  • Snow Enjoying her loving home! Sunset at Boondoggles

    Success story- Snow was a shelter dog and now she is living a loving life...thanks to Sherlocks Journey Rescue

  • Adopted

    Cassie is a sweet 14 month old Maltese Terrier. She is looking for her loving home

  • Adopted

    Katy is a sweet girl..her and her sister are looking for their loving homes after being rescued from the streets of Houston