Sherlocks friends

Teddy was rescued off the streets with his mom and siblings. A year later he has found his wonderful forever home.

Chip AKA Chickalean. Was dumped in a park over a year and a half ago with his mommies and siblings....he has now found his home of his own..that face!

This was me (Angel ) when I was on the streets..this is the day this rescue saved me.

Angel AKA spot found her loving home after being in our rescue for about 8 months. Her and her sister abandoned on the streets of houston. Around October of 2015 she was adopted by an amazing family..she has more costumes than a broadway musical....

The grocery store dog...although King was not in our rescue long...he is living the life on 11 acres of land running and playing as he deserves.

Sherlock ..the inspiration.

Rusty and his brother were found in a trash can in baytown and turned into the shelter. They were with a moma but it was not theirs..some wonderful people fostered and bottle fed them for us. Rusty was in our rescue about a year and finally found the wonderful home of his own in North Dakota and boy does his mom love him...

We all work together for the end result. A foster found him abandoned on her management property reached out to us. We found a wonderful rescue in Houston to take and now Snickerdoodle has found his loving home.

My name is gunner ....I did pass away. I want to tell you I touched so many hearts. I was abused and dying on the street. This wonderful person reached out for her help. Then this rescue picked me up to take me to another rescue. As fate would have it I went back to the first rescue. I lived a life of jeep life, restaraunts, sleeping in bed..I was celebrity ...I was pretty sick but when I passed I had so much love to bring with me....I know they miss me everyday. Thats my partner in heaven with me now...trouble..he passed away but lived a long life. We are the heartbreakers...

Cooper- I was one of the first rescues from the Baytown Shelter with Sherlocks Journey Rescue. A wonderful foster stepped up and then this rescue transported me to Louisiana where I am liviing the life of luxury.

These are the photos of Sherlocks Journey.  All of his friends that found their loving homes. Click on each picture to see their story.