3 years old
Terrier mix
Fully vetted
She is a sweetheart . Good with kids and dogs.
Ready to join your family.

Small mixed breed
Very sweet
Loves to cuddle with you
Will be spayed soon

I was rescued 2 years ago and I love attention and to give kisses. I want so bad to have the individual love and attention. I have to share it with a lot of other dogs.. I will be so loyal to my family.
I am 2 years old and spayed.

Let's take a look at my life .
As you can see I have beautiful features and my eyes will melt your heart.
My pearly white teeth you would think I brush and floss my teeth daily.
My figure well you know all girls are sensitive about this subject.
Not me I am a perfect size. I weigh about 25 lbs and I am not real tall maybe medium height. I am the perfect size to lay in your lap and snuggle.
My family tree - well unfortunately I am not real sure where my mom met my dad because he was not in the picture. I am confident he was quite attractive .. Well because .. Look at me. My mom is a beautiful fluffy terrier and I am now her size so I will not be growing anymore.
I love everyone !

My profile is:
Diva (Female)
Young school girl (1)
I won't be having babies (spayed)
Ready to rock your world!
(Ready for Adoption)
If your not sure you want a girl like me yet..
Come let me hang with you for a while (foster) to see if your ready for a diva like me...a chic magnet or keep your kiddos entertained.
(PS the 2nd picture is my mom me and my siblings when we were born)

Available Dogs For Adoption

All these babies are available for adoption.  All of them that are  6 months or older will be fully vetted. Including spayed or neutered, all Vaccinations and Dewormed.

All babies under 6 months depending on the age will have vaccinations accordingly and dewormed.

Adopting a puppy under 6 months you will be required to sign a spay/ neuter contract.

The adoption Fee is: $100

Available for out of state adoption as well.  Adopter will pay for health certificate and transport fee.


Doppel Daschund
5 Years Old
Fully vetted
Good with children
House trained
Kennle trained
Loves to cuddle