Foster Parents! We need you!

Sherlocks Journey Rescue can only bring animals to safety if we have fosters in place to help.  We are blessed with the fosters we have not only do they provide a loving home but they also provide the special training they may need.  It is not professional training just by assessing the dog and seeing what areas it needs help and then relaying it back to us. 

When you foster for Sherlocks Journey Rescue you do not have to worry about any of the vetenarian costs.  It is covered by the rescue.  If you realize it is not a good fit for you then we will make sure to find a fit for you and the pet.

Would you open your home to save a life.


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Sherlocks Journey Rescue



Fostering Release and Indemnity Agreement


The undersigned Fostering Party does hereby forever release, discharge and covenant to hold harmless Sherlocks Journey Rescue and any other person, firm, or corporation charged or chargeable with responsibility or liability, their heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns, from any and all claims, damages, costs, expenses, lost of services, actions and causes of action belonging to the said Fostering Party arising out of any act or occurrence for the present time, and particularly on account of the fostering of any Sherlocks Journey Rescue dog.


By signing this document, the Fostering Party hereby declares: that no representations about the nature of said dog, nor any representations regarding the nature and extent of legal liability or financial responsibility have induced the Fostering Party to make this Release and Indemnity Agreement.


THE UNDERSIGNED hereby further agrees to abide by the "Terms of Fostering" listed below:


I . Neutering. Fostering Party agrees that under no circumstances will this dog be used for breeding purposes if not neutered/spayed before placement in foster home with Fostering Party. Fostering Party agrees to keep females in heat away from male dogs and to accept full responsibility for any puppies resulting from any such union with Rescue dog.


2. Return. If for any reason, the foster situation is not satisfactory to Fostering Party, or if Fostering Party fails to comply with all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, or if any misrepresentations have been made by the Fostering Party, the dog must be returned to Sherlocks Journey Rescue immediately upon request without legal writ or order. Foster dog must be in as good or better mental and physical condition as on the date of initial fostering ("condition" as determined by Sherlocks Journey Rescue Directors). If said dog is returned in worse condition than as on date of initial fostering (as determined by Sherlocks Journey Rescue Directors), Fostering Party agrees to pay for costs of returning dog to condition as of date of initial fostering.  Sherlocks Journey Rescue will accept return of said dog for any reason. Fostering Party must notify Sherlocks Journey Rescue first by calling Sherlocks Journey Rescue and then in writing to the Sherlocks Journey Rescue address above of the need to return foster dog, and state the reason why. Fostering Party agrees to allow Sherlocks Journey Rescue up to two (2) weeks notice of the need to return foster dog if requested to do so to allow Sherlocks Journey Rescue to make other arrangements for Rescue foster dog in that time period. The Start Date of the two week notice is defined as the postage mark date on the written notice to Sherlocks Journey Rescue regarding the need for return. Fostering Party agrees in this case to retain foster dog for (up to) those two weeks, at Fostering Party's expense, at which time Sherlocks Journey Rescue will take foster dog. Fostering Party recognizes that Sherlocks Journey Rescue will make every effort to remove foster dog from Fostering Party as quickly as possible, but has through the defined two weeks to do so. Fostering Party agrees to be responsible for any expenses incurred in the dog's return, including shipping, and is responsible for returning dog to Intake Facility or other spot designated by Sherlocks Journey Rescue Director.


Sherlocks Journey Rescue retains the right to reclaim said dog if dog does not integrate properly into Fostering Party's household as determined by Sherlocks Journey Rescue. Fostering Party agrees to relinquish custody of said dog to Sherlocks Journey Rescue representatives immediately upon request without legal writ or order if so requested by the Sherlocks Journey Rescue Directors, for any reason.


3. Transfer of Ownership. The dog may not be transferred to any other person, firm or corporation for any reason whatsoever. Sherlocks Journey Rescue must be notified upon the death of said rescue dog within 24 hours of death. Fostering Party agrees to contact Sherlocks Journey Rescue if said dog is lost for more than 12 hours.


4. Care. It is understood that foster dog will be kept as a housedog, not a kennel or yard dog and that the dog will not be kept chained or on a tie-out unsupervised at any time. Foster dog must NEVER be allowed to roam free in an unfenced area without supervision. Foster dog must be placed on an inoculation and heartworm preventative program as established by the Sherlocks Journey Rescue 's veterinarian in order to guarantee continued health of foster dog. Fostering Party assumes all responsibility for said dog including but not limited to general well being, but excluding food and health care as defined in this Agreement.


Fostering Party agrees to allow Sherlocks Journey Rescue to periodically check dog's acceptance of the new environment and family at anytime during the fostering time and to ensure the Fostering Party's compliance with the Terms of Fostering. Sherlocks Journey Rescue retains the right to reclaim said dog when warranted because of neglect, abuse, inadequate care as defined by Sherlocks Journey Rescue Directors, or breach of contract. Fostering Party agrees to relinquish custody of said dog to Sherlocks Journey Rescue representatives immediately upon request without writ or legal order.


5. Foster Upkeep. Fostering Party agrees to follow EXACT instructions given by Adoption Coordinator for each as to the care, treatment, training, and general foster home experience for Rescue foster dog. This includes instructions to keep dog on leash at ALL times unless in a safely fenced area, to follow safety procedures in socialization with humans and other dogs, etc. Fostering Party agrees to send truthful, full reports on any subject related to said dog, to Foster Home Coordinator, upon request.


6. Training. Absolutely, under NO circumstances may Fostering Party employ the so-called "alpha roll" technique on Rescue foster dog. Sherlocks Journey Rescue that Fostering Party train Rescue foster dog in basic training of commands such as sit, down, wait, and come. Only training methods approved by Sherlocks Journey Rescue may be employed on Rescue foster dog.


I, the Fostering Party, understand that I may not ever employ "alpha rolls" on a Rescue foster dog and that doing so is in direct breach of this contract. (please initial):


7. Value. Fostering Party and  agree that Sherlocks Journey Rescue the value of this dog is $500.


8. Reimbursement. Sherlocks Journey Rescue will reimburse Fostering Party for health care expenses incurred by Fostering Party for foster dog's health during the foster placement period of time, if and only if health expenses are incurred at the veterinary facility approved in writing by Sherlocks Journey Rescue before treatment commences; the only exception being if foster dog is in a life-threatening situation and needs immediate emergency care. Sherlocks Journey Rescue will provide a crate for Fostering Party only if one is available to loan out. Otherwise, Fostering Party must provide proper-sized crate or kennel run for foster dog. For reimbursement, Fostering Party must submit receipts for expenses to the Treasurer monthly at:Sherlocks Journey Rescue 306 Oakdale La Porte TX 77571


Reimbursement will be made within 60 days of expense account submission, unless agreed upon otherwise by SHERLOCKS JOURNEY RESCUE and Fostering Party in writing, before expenses are incurred. SHERLOCKS JOURNEY RESCUE is not responsible for reimbursing Fostering Party for foster dog's items outside of health care or food, including, but not limited to: obedience classes, toys, beds, solutions for accidents in the house, etc. Reimbursement for behavioral help will be granted in writing at the discretion of a SHERLOCKS JOURNEY RESCUE Director after receiving a request for such from Fostering Party.


9. Foster Time Periods. will make every effort to adopt out Rescue foster dogs to new homes as quickly as possible. However SHERLOCKS JOURNEY RESCUE makes no claims as to the maximum duration of a particular fostering placement. Minimum foster home placement duration is 21 days for observation.


10. Adoption Appointments. Potential adopters will be sent to Fostering Party's home for dog visits only after being approved for adoption, and then visits will only be made by appointments known by Fostering Party, Adopter, and SHERLOCKS JOURNEY RESCUE before appointed time. Fostering Party agrees to make himself available for adoption appointments at least once a week during fostering periods. For first visit by Adopter, Fostering Party agrees to discuss foster dog with potential Adopter for up to an hour, and to allow safe contact with foster dog and specifically not Fostering Party's personal dogs, in Fostering Party's home or store. If Adopter would like his dog(s) to meet foster dog, Fostering Party agrees to instruct Adopters on how to conduct a meeting between Adopter's dog(s) and foster dog before conducting such a meeting. Fostering Party agrees to allow foster dog to meet Adopter's dogs one at a time in a neutral territory with both animals on a 6-ft leash with training or "choke" collars on both dogs for safety, with leashes each held by adults over 18 years of age.


Children should be allowed to meet foster dog only with supervision and instruction from Fostering Party and parent/guardian, and with the caution one would employ for any child meeting any strange dog. When Adopter's dog and foster dog meet, children must be away from the general meeting area. After first visit, Fostering Party agrees to call SHERLOCKS JOURNEY RESCUE to discuss his feelings on Adopter within 24 hours of visit. For Second visit, Adopter may take foster dog home only after signing a contract which has previously been signed by SHERLOCKS JOURNEY RESCUE Adoption Coordinator and at the time by Fostering Party (as a SHERLOCKS JOURNEY RESCUE witness), and upon inspection by Fostering Party that Adopter did not bring Adopter's dog(s) along for the trip home unless both dogs are crated in the vehicle, and that no child(ren) under 12 years is/are present without additional adult for supervision.


11. Telephone calls. Fostering Party agrees to keep all Rescue-related telephone consults with Sherlocks Journey Rescue & Rescue Directors, Officers, and other SHERLOCKS JOURNEY RESCUE members to between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., EST, except in the event of an extreme emergency.


12. Reservation of Rights. Sherlocks Journey Rescue reserves the right to follow through on this adoption in order to protect the welfare of the foster dog, as defined by Sherlocks Journey Rescue Directors. If the terms and conditions of this agreement are not upheld by Fostering Party, and/or if any misrepresentation have been made to Sherlocks Journey Rescue by said Fostering Party, Sherlocks Journey Rescue reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and Fostering Party must return foster dog to Sherlocks Journey Rescue upon request without legal writ or order. These rights are enforceable in law and in equity.


13. Photographic/Story Rights. Fostering Party agrees to allow Sherlocks Journey Rescue to print photographs/stories of Fostering Party and SHERLOCKS JOURNEY RESCUE foster dog in the Sherlocks Journey Rescue website. (Please initial choice): Yes No


14. Physical Attributes. Fostering Party will not alter physical characteristics of Rescue foster dog in any way except to clean foster dog's coat and ears, and clip said foster dog's nails. Fostering Party agrees to keep foster dog in appropriate clean, groomed condition to show to potential adopters.


15. Attorney Fees and Costs. Should it become necessary for Sherlocks Journey Rescue to take legal action to recover the Rescue foster dog or otherwise enforce the provisions of the Agreement, Undersigned Fostering Party agrees to pay all court costs and reasonable attorney's fees for Sherlocks Journey Rescue legal costs.




If any part of this contract is deemed invalid, that shall not affect the validity of any other section of this Agreement and the remainder of Agreement will continue to be upheld. Party affirms that he is fostering said Sherlocks Journey Rescue and agrees to abide by the terms of this Agreement. By signing, Fostering Party is stating that each clause and the contract in its entirety has been read and understood by him. Fostering Party is signing of his own free will and not under duress of any kind. Fostering Party affirms that he has never been charged with animal cruelty, and is not an animal dealer or broker. The UNDERSIGNED understand that the parties hereby released admit no liability of any sort by reason of this adoption and that said payment is made to terminate further controversy respecting any and all claims for damages that said Fostering Party has heretofore asserted or might personally or through personal representative hereafter assert because of said adoption.




By signing this agreement you are stating that you have read and agree to abide by what is stated.  By signing this agreement you are stating you fully understand and have no questions as to why you are signing this document.